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vue-scroll-into-view is a simple Vue.js plugin that provides a convenient way to scroll an element into view with just a single line of code. Whether you have a long page with many sections, or you need to navigate to a specific part of the page, this plugin makes it easy to do so.

It's lighweight 0.3KB!


Scrolls an element into the visible area of the browser window Supports scrolling to an element by $refsselectorVNode, or HTMLElement Allows for customization of scroll options, such as animation and alignment Easy to install and use in your Vue.js 2 or 3 project

Usage Examples

Inside your code you can do something like this:

Basic usage

` `



npm install vue-plugin-scroll-into-view


yarn add --dev vue-plugin-scroll-into-view

Adding to your project


`import Vue from 'vue'; import VueScrollIntoView from 'vue-plugin-scroll-into-view';



this.$scrollIntoView(ref, options);

Option Type Description Default value
behavior String Defines the transition animation. One of "auto" or "smooth". "auto"
block String Defines vertical alignment. One of "start", "center", "end", or "nearest". "start"
inline String Defines horizontal alignment. One of "start", "center", "end", or "nearest". "nearest"
scrollMode String Defines the scrolling mode. One of "always", "if-needed", or "never". "always"
skipOverflowHiddenElements Boolean Whether to skip scrolling the ancestor elements with overflow: hidden. false
allowHorizontalScroll Boolean Whether to allow horizontal scrolling if the element is wider than the viewport. false
force Boolean Whether to always scroll the element, even if it's already in view. false

Options example

This will scroll the element with the ID my-section into view with default scroll options. You can also pass in custom scroll options if desired:

this.$scrollIntoView('#my-section', { behavior: 'smooth', block: 'center' });


The code is available under the MIT license.


We are open to contributions, see for more info.

You need at least Node 18 to build the project