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The ultimate Javascript development .gitignore

This project compiles multiple .gitignore from the GitHub's gitignore Collection.It attempts to be a sensible default .gitignore file for Javascript Projects and libraries (Node.JS / Browser)

For more information about how .gitignore files work, and how to use them, the following resources are a great place to start:

Add to your project folder

Run this command

npx ultimate-gitignore

Precompiled file

You can also download a precompiled file, if you don't want to run the build script:

curl https://victornpb.github.io/ultimate-gitignore/ultimate.gitignore > .gitignore

Manually download the:



Rules 155
Comments 134
Total 388 lines (7.81 KB)

For more details check out template.txt and exclude.txt

Contributing workflow

Here’s how we suggest you go about proposing a change to this project:

Using the web-based interface to make changes is fine too, and will help you by automatically forking the project and prompting to send a pull request too.



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