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Mac application that reduce volume when Spotify play ads

This is App written using AppleScript automatically detect ads and reduce your current volume by a prefered percentage when Spotify play ads, and then restore the volume to the previous level when a song starts.

When you launch the App it will ask what is the percentage of volume the ads should be played. By default 50% is selected, so if you're listening on lets say volume 80, when an Ad comes up your volume will be set to 50% of that the currrent volume (40). But you can set it to whenever you want from 100% (ads are going to play with the same volume as songs) to 0% (ads are going to be muted completely).

It was currently tested with Spotify version and OS X 10.10.2 (Yosemite)


You may need to right-click or control-click and Open to allow Mac OS to run it for the first time.