Microphone arm cable management

Cover image

Clip for holding the USB cable of my microphone, on the generic mic arm stand.

The cable in the picture is the original Audiotechnica AT2020USB+ cable, but it should work with most USB cables around 4.4~4.5mm in diameter.

Note that it will NOT fit a XLR cable.

Suitable for 10mm square tubbing stand.

Theres a model for printing 2 at once to save some bed space. I ended using 6 clips in total, 3 for each arm.

I printed using a 3mm brim for bed adhesion, 3 walls and 100% concentric infill (there's barely any infill anyways)

If you're printing only 1 or 2 of these, decrease the speed so the nozzle heat doesn't distort it. Or try using part cooling.

Slicing Settings

Setting Value
Supports No
Infill Style any
Infill density 100%
Walls 3
Layer height 0.2
Adhesion Skirt
Print orientation horizontal


Printables\ https://www.printables.com/model/268539-cable-management-clip-for-microphone-arm-stand