Mic arm sleeve

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I got one of those cheap microphone stands that you can clamp on your desk, and where the arm and the clamp meet there's a very bad plastic sleeve that has way too much play. I designed this sleeve that has a very tight tolerances so it rides smoothly 360 degrees without any play, and goes all the way through so it is stable even without the tensioning screw, which helps save space behind your desk.

The fit is VERY tight, and rotating will be hard for the first time, it will loosen over time and rotating will become very smooth once the plastic polish itself up.

If your printer makes undersized hole, it will NOT fit! You can print the first layers and cancel the print to do a test fit, if it is too tight you can use the hole expansion feature in your slicer and print again.

My printer leaves a bit of elephants foot so I had to sand the opening of the hole a little bit to make the shaft fit.

Slicing Settings

Setting Value
Supports No
Infill Style Concentric
Infill density 100%
Walls 3
Layer height 0.2
Adhesion 5mm brim (if you have poor adhesion)
Print orientation Top facing down


Printables\ https://www.printables.com/model/268541-replacement-sleeve-for-a-stable-microphone-arm-sta