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Copy local page assets to permalink folder


Available onΒ npm

npm install eleventy-plugin-page-assets --save-dev

Open up your Eleventy config file (probably .eleventy.js) and use addPlugin:

FILENAME .eleventy.js

const pageAssetsPlugin = require('eleventy-plugin-page-assets');

module.exports = function(eleventyConfig) {
    eleventyConfig.addPlugin(pageAssetsPlugin, {
        mode: "parse",
        postsMatching: "src/posts/*/*.md",

How it works

This folder structure

πŸ“ src/posts/
  πŸ“ some-title/
    πŸ“„ index.md <-- when a template file is processed
    πŸ–Ό cover.png    assets relative to it are automatically
    πŸ–Ό image.jpg    copied to the permalink folder
  πŸ“ good-title/
    πŸ“„ index.md 
    πŸ–Ό cover.png
  πŸ“ bar-title/
    πŸ“„ index.md
    πŸ“ icons/ 
      πŸ–Ό icon.png
  πŸ“„ my-post.md
  πŸ–Ό img.png

Will generate this output

πŸ“ dist/
  πŸ“ perma-some-title/
    πŸ“„ index.html 
    πŸ–Ό 89509eae15a24c2276d54d4b7b28194a1391ee48.png 
    πŸ–Ό 63d8ddb9ffadd92e3d9a95f0e49ae76e7201a672.jpg 
  πŸ“ perma-good-title/
    πŸ“„ index.html 
    πŸ–Ό d0017352f4da463a61a83a1bc8baf539a4c921c1.png
  πŸ“ perma-bar-title/
    πŸ“„ index.md
    πŸ–Ό faa22a543b2dcb21fdd9b7795095e364ef00d540.png
  πŸ“ perma-my-post/
    πŸ“„ index.md
    πŸ–Ό faa22a543b2dcb21fdd9b7795095e364ef00d540.png

Directory mode

On directory mode the template is not parsed, assets on the same level as template are copied to the permalink folder, even if not used.

Note: Paths are not rewritten and folder structure is kept inside the perma folder.

This mode is cheaper as it does not parses the html or transforms it.


Option Required Type Default Description
mode false string parse Parse mode will resolve assets referenced inside the template. Directory mode blindly copies files on the folder as the template.
postsMatching false string "*.md" Pattern (glob) filtering which templates to process
assetsMatching false string ".png .jpg *.gif" Specify a pattern (glob) that matches which assets are going to be resolved
recursive false boolean false Recursively scan assets under subdirectories (example src/posts/foo/bar/baz/img.jpg) (directory mode only)
hashAssets false boolean true Rewrite filenames to hashes. This will flatten the paths to always be next to the post .html file. (parse mode only)
hashingAlg false string sha1 Hashing algorithm sha1 md5 sha256 sha512Β <https://nodejs.org/api/crypto.html#crypto_crypto_createhash_algorithm_optionsetcΒ (parse> mode only)
hashingDigest false string hex Digest of the hash hex base64 (parse mode only)
addIntegrityAttribute false boolean false Add a integrity attribute to the tag (parse mode only)


  • Parse the rendered html files looking for assets, and only used imported assets (similat to how what webpack loaders work)
  • Rewrite paths on the output files, possibly renaming files to md5 hashes, so images also have permalinks.
  • Write tests